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Laurel High School L.S.N. Government
Study Guide

The following items will assist you in studying for your quiz on Monday March 4th

Know the following for multiple choice:
Interest groups: An organized group of people who try to influence public policy
Independent: A person who does not identify with any political party
Coalition: A temporary alliance between groups with differing interests
Status Quo: The existing state of affairs
Ideology: A set of ideals
Mandate: The wishes of the people as expressed with their vote
Platform: A statement of a political party's beliefs and goals
Consensus: A general agreement
Centrist: A person in the middle of the political ideological spectrum
Political Party: A group of citizens with similar goals who organize to win elections
Know the following for the essay part of the quiz
Be able to define what a political ideology is and what the three major political ideologies in the U.S. are
1. Liberals
..... believe the government should be active in the day to day life of
      its citizens and promote social reform through health, education,
      justice and equal opportunity
..... Democrats usually consider themselves to be liberal
..... About 25% of the population considers themselves to be liberal
2. Conservatives
..... believe that government should be limited, except when supporting
      traditional values
..... favor the status quo
..... Republicans usually consider themselves to be conservative
..... About 29% of the population is conservative
3. Moderate:
..... beliefs falls somewhere in the middle, between liberal and
..... may belong to either political party
..... About 40% of the population consider themselves to be