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Laurel High School L.S.N. Government
Study Guides

Study Guide for Unit 1 Test
on Wednesday February 20, 2002

BCR's will be on
* 3/5's Compromise
* Social Contract Theory

Multiple Choice will cover:
* self-evident
* unicameral
* confederation
* bi-cameral
* endowed
* consent of the governed
* preamble
* popular sovereignty
* federalism

Declaration of Independence
* Where Jefferson claimed humans rights come from
* 3 basic rights sited by Jefferson
* What Jefferson meant by "self-evident"

Articles of Confederation
* know its strengths
* type of legislature under the Articles

Constitution Plans and Compromises
* plan supported by the large states
* plan supported by the small states
* compromise reached between large and small states
* Constitution plan based of representation by population
* Constitution plan based on equal representation
* objection small states had to the Virginia plan

The Constitution
* branches the Constitution divides the government into
* branch which interprets laws
* branch which carries out or enforces laws
* branch which makes laws
* added to Constitution to protect us from government
* type of legislature under the Constitution

* first written plan for US government
* Document which replaces the Articles of Confederation